About Me

I am a senior level graphic designer with broad experience in print and web design and 3 years professional experience. Highly creative and enthusiastic with a background of illustration and design results in imaginative and truly individual concept work, with an understanding of how to translate these appropriately for a chosen market. A passion for animation brings characters and designs to life, with the addition of sound and music creation, for polished motion projects.

I believe that visuals and audio are intrinsically linked and have always created music alongside design. I am an accomplished music producer, creating my own compositions and sounds and collaborating with other musicians and vocalists. I currently live in South London and am working on a freelance basis.

  • "Greg is an extremely talented designer who never ceases to impress with his creative flair and illustrative abilities. I have no reservations recommending him, he always possesses a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved and invests the extra commitment to ensure the desired result is delivered"

    Alex Jacques. Creative Director Creative Jar